Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fear by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                                   Obelisk by Jeremiah Kauffman

                     Fear is a great, turning obelisk of pain; drilling itself deeper into the mind. Clawing, leaving tissue scarred. Needless to say, fear is a regenerative which cannot be pierced with direct attacks; it must be approached from all sides.   by Jeremiah Kauffman

MY HEART BURNS by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                       Teardrop by Jeremiah Kauffman

                          My heart burns tonight. My heart burns every night. Too weak to face the day, it seeks shelter but does not find it.   by Jeremiah Kauffman    

Lightening by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                              The Chalice by Jeremiah Kauffman

                    Lightening threads it's way through the maze of logic; It has feet made of children, has eyes made of gold. And an age of five million six hundred thousand ninety- eight two hundred seventy and four.    by Jeremiah Kauffman

THE SUN by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                         The Sun by Jeremiah Kauffman

          The sun terrifies me. Our planet lies in the precarious space between Punishment and Neglect.

ARCHWAY IN HELL by Jeremiah Kauffman

The Arch by Jeremiah Kauffman
In Hell, there exists a great place of wealth and erudition. It is a building constructed by the rich architectural firm of Jacques. It is here, at the entrance to a great antechamber, that one may stand directly before it, far enough back so thar he is in danger of falling in the nearby precipice, at which point, looking up and ahead, he is capable of viewing the most magnificent archway ever created.       by Jeremiah Kauffman

Friday, October 16, 2015

THERE ONCE WAS A MAN by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                  Invisible by Jeremiah Kauffman 

             There once was a man who came from a place which wasn't a place at all; He said with a grin,"I simply walked in", and turned upside down with a crawl.    by Jeremiah Kauffman  

THE INSECT KING by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                      Horns by Jeremiah Kauffman

                  This is the land of perversion, ruled by the Insect King, who flies the flag of black and white, creating color in the world where there is none. You are blind, blind to everything, but he makes the bug move in your bowels.    by Jeremiah Kauffman

A PLACE CALLED HERE by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                            Heads by Jeremiah Kauffman
                   I once dreamt of a place called here, but only when it, the dream, came to cease, did I realize that in this dreamworld was the only place where I had ever been.   by Jeremiah Kauffman

MY SPIDER by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                My spider is like my heart, this little piece of life that keeps me alive even though I don't really know how to speak it's language or understand it's thoughts. And together we will find freedom.      by Jeremiah Kauffman

IN THE CITY by Jeremiah Kauffman

                                                   Neuromancer 4 by Jeremiah Kauffman    
                                     Everything in the city is alive at night. Machines hum, lights shine, cars grunt,radios mumble. The buildings, great beasts of modern construction,section off the landscape both horizontally and vertically.       The elevator goes to 100, but it will never reach heaven, and the fallen sleep curled up in their own filth.   by Jeremiah Kauffman